Happiness is a choice and is present in every day, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it. Kerry-Marie Callander


Welcome to Spiritual Decisions


Life can have many challenges along the way, and I am here to help you through my psychic gift to make the right decisions for yourself so you will live a happy, fuller and peaceful life.

Along with this I am an accredited medium through the Spiritual National Union and connect with the spirit world so I can give you credible evidence about your loved one who has passed over and pass onto you their loving, insightful and beneficial message to you from them that I will give you a sense of love, peace, encouragement and a feeling of being up lifted.

See available times and make your own booking. You can see my availability by checking the calendar or making your own booking.  You can now book your face-to-face, phone or Skype reading online, so you can choose a session convenient for you! In addition please go to the bookings page if you would prefer a reading via email.breaking free

Email me: Kerry-Marie to find out more, or call 021 274 5001 or 0508 free spirit (0508 3733774)

My recently released book Breaking Free (my spiritual transformation into a psychic medium) has been released ready for purchase. See Information and how to purchase

Don’t know what to buy as a gift?

As a gift you can purchase gift vouchers for any amount - either towards or for the full amount of one of Kerry-Marie’s services.  All you need to do is either go through and Buy Now or send a confirmation of a direct credit.  She will make up the voucher for the person you wanted named on the email - and will email the voucher to you.


Kerry-Marie is only contactable on the following days and hours.

  • Mon,Tues,Weds, 9am to 7pmkerry marie 0716
  • Thursday 5pm to 7pm.
  • Sat 9am to 5pm.

She is not available for bookings or enquiries on Friday, Sunday or public holidays

Kerry-Marie is located in Hobsonville, Auckland and this is where face-to-face appointments are - the address will be confirmed when your booking is made.

Watch this introduction to Spiritual Decisions with Kerry-Marie

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Kerry-Marie on News Hub

What does 2017 hold for us? What can we expect in the coming year where outsiders, economics and instability will shape our lives? Who better to ask then, than one of New Zealand’s most respected psychics and mediums, Kerry-Marie Callander, say TV's Newshub:


Hi Kerry-Marie , I know you most likely hear this all the time, however I am a great believer in saying what I feel. I am soooo different today after seeing you last night for a healing and guidance. Full of hope, plans and energy again. You have completely changed my perspective and life in 24 hours. Words can't express my gratitude.
Thank you so much - Paula Jones


Do you have concerns with your relationships, love life, career, finance, business, or work?

Have you lost a love one and would like to communicate with them?

More about Readings


Kerry-Marie offers a range of healing, spiritual assessments and consultations to guide, assist you and to help to achieve peace.

For the full list and to book and pay: Services and Booking

Watch and Listen!

Kerry-Marie has been on TV and the radio several times. 

You can watch or listen to her give readings, or see how she helped out Paul Henry!

Watch and Listen

Please be aware, that when you have any reading whether it be email, phone, skype or face to face I can offer you potential only. I am not a fortune teller, but believe we all have free will to make our own decisions. I will offer you spiritual information and guidance and what you choose to do with the information is up to you. I am not allowed to prescribe or diagnose any medical conditions or offer advice on surgery or medical procedures . Along with this, any important decisions that need to be made in your life in regards to health, finances, relationships, emotional well fare, children or any other important matters, I will refer to you a professional for professional advice.

The consultation you have is private and confidential and the time allocated will include the reading and discussion. But life is complicated and people sometimes have to spend weeks, months or years seeing counsellors or psychologists to help them with the journey of their lives. You may need follow up sessions, as every aspect of your life cannot be covered in an hour.

If you go over the time booked, either another appointment can be made or extra $ will be charged – time permitting. The cost is $150 including GST per hour.

Words from happy clients

Hi Kerry-Marie, Just wanted to update you with some of the stuff you talked about that seems to be taking effect for me right now.


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