Happiness is a choice and is present in every day, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it. Kerry-Marie Callander


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What has weight got to do with it?

Food is one of pleasures in life and something to enjoy. From the time we are born we seek nourishment and comfort from being fed.

Little children don’t worry about food, they eat what they desire or what their mothers give them and hopefully there is enough food for them to grow healthy and strong.

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Why did I tell my personal story?

To be honest it was not easy for me to open and tell my story to the world however I knew it was important for me to do this.

Mainly because I felt what I would be writing about could really speak to the heart of others, especially woman and my goal was to inspire them.

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So why did I write my book

Many people have asked me this question and I often say “we all have a book inside us” and “we all have a story to tell”. Most of us have interesting lives with turns, twists and have had to learn along the way.

Or we may have a sense that one day we will write our story.

Like you I had a strong sense of this and one day while I was away overseas to do my training in the UK I was approached by my publisher Balabo Press to see if I was interested in writing a book.

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How do you know if you are psychic?

This is a question many people ask me and they tell me that they very often have experiences and can’t really explain it and they want me to tell them if they have a psychic gift or not.

Most humans have some sort of physic ability or what we call gut feelings and intuition. It is they feeling you get when you walk into a room and you feel the tense atmosphere and you can tell straight away the people there have just had an argument or cross words.

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Unrealistic expectations of a psychic

I feel I am not alone as a psychic when speaking about this topic as I would say other people in my profession may feel the same way. We have a gift  to share with others and have a  desire to help others with their lives so they feel strengthened and empowered.

I can sometimes feel that the expectations of me personally as a psychic is unrealistic and not achievable.


My thoughts on fortune telling

Fortune telling is an interesting subject but I have to say I cringe when I have gone on the radio and DJ announces me as a fortune teller, I can hear myself thinking “oh no, don’t call me that”.

Or when I client phones me and asks me if I am a fortune teller. I am courteous and explain that what I really do is simply  connect to either their psychic energy or the energy of spirit to assist in guiding them  along the path of their lives.

Often I refer to myself as a GPS that is picking up the energy and signals of the life and direction you are heading but you can change your own course at any given time.


What happens when I do readings?

Just so you know I have permission from anyone I mention in my blog as my readings are always confidential. I get my clients consent as they understand it is good to share information because there can be interesting situations from time to time and it makes the whole psychic & spiritual world come alive. They understand it could help inspire other people along the path of their lives to read these experiences. One day is never the same as the next as you never know what to expect and can never presume anything, that’s for sure!

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The life of a psychic.

Many people ask me what it is like being a psychic, how do I live my life and do I see spirits around people when walking around? Also do I pick up information about people when socialising, shopping or just speaking to others about everyday things? Or they may ask me “what am I thinking now”? “Can you tell me the lotto numbers”?

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