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So what about the sceptics?

I often get people bringing this subject up with me. Do you come across sceptics Kerry-Marie? Yes well of course I do just like in any industry. In the beginning I used to painfully try and convince others that there was life after death.

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Can spirit help us with every day things?

It is very interesting you know as there a variety of opinions about this sort of thing.

Some mediums would say no they don’t, they let you know you are though evidence and then and a message but that is about it.

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There must be something out there?

Recently after doing readings for people and connecting to the spirit world bringing through evidence they could relate to and messages that truly meant something to them I can often hear the statement “there must be something out there, I know there is”.

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Can I still speak to them?

Something can quite often register with a client when I’m doing a reading that maybe they can also speak to their loved one in the spirit world.

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Can you see spirits?

This is a question I hear often.

During a reading I’m am often relating information to the sitter about their loved one in spirit. About themselves and their lives here on earth. Also they converse with you about what the sitter is up to. Like travel, shopping, going to the doctor or an important event. It is almost like they are sitting there chatting away.

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Do You Have a Choice?

Is everything set in stone or do you have a choice?

I have mentioned in previous posts about destiny as opposed to free will.

Most of our life is about choices. We make them every day in many ways.

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New Year and what it means

Most of us look forward to the new year and what it brings. New beginnings, resolutions and hope.

It has this freshness about it as we step into it wanting let go the past that has not served us and bring our new way of life forward into the future.

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Are you spiritually guided?

Often people tell me they feel someone is looking after them and they are being guided from above.

This time of year tends to be very busy organising Christmas and holidays. Not only that we often start thinking about next year and planning ahead.

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All I want for Christmas is you

This time of year can be busy with a lot of pressure in preparing for Christmas, buying gifts, organising all sorts of things, attending functions and tying up both personal and work situations before the end of the year. Most of us look forward to some time off and a much needed break.

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Does the spirit world want to communicate with you?

In life here on earth we love to communicate with each other about day to day experiences, sad times, good times, fun times.

Not only that we may wish to share our feelings of regret, forgiveness and our love with one another. We may just wish to off load from time to time.

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Why do awful things happen sometimes?

Natural disasters, a young person fatally dies or a baby is born with disabilities etc.

To be honest none of us really have the answer to this and we can sometimes blame God or our creator for allowing this to happen.

With many of us we can bring on our own unhappiness through the choices and decisions we make.

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Why did spirit let this happen to you?

Often I hear people ask me "Why did spirit let this happen to me? I don’t deserve this and it is not fair. Are they trying to punish me?

Is this karma from a past life? I must have been very bad in a past life to have to learn these lessons."

Well the truth is, spirit didn’t make this happen to you, they are not trying to punish you and more than likely it is not karma from a past life.

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Is your loved one around you?

This is a question I get asked often or people feel that their loved ones are looking over them.

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