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Is your loved one around you?

This is a question I get asked often or people feel that their loved ones are looking over them.

One thing I know as a medium is that very often when a spirit person comes through and gives evidence of themselves and their lives here on earth they also tend to tell me what is going on in the person’s life who is still alive.

Which could be birthdays, anniversaries or important events that are coming up. Other things they refer to is family members and what could be going on in their life or important friends. Maybe they know you are travelling or going on holiday and want to support you with this.

Sometimes they may tell me about a person’s job or that they are shifting house. Even things such as “you bought a lovely pair of shoes lately or a some jewellery” It is so comforting for the person alive to hear these types of messages as they know that their loved ones in the spirit world are still around them and part of their life still.

In my book I mention how upset  I was when I travelled to Europe just after my father had passed because he didn’t have chance to do this.

I was quite tearful in Rome as I knew how much he would have loved it with all the architecture and amazing buildings. About 10 years later a medium at the Arthur Findlay College told me about how I was feeling in Rome and that my dad’s sprit  was with me and he knew I was fretting that he hadn’t seen these amazing sights while on earth but he was there with me in spirit seeing everything with me.

How amazing and comforting is that?

Yes your loved ones spirits are around you and yes they do support you. You are never truly alone.

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