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Why did spirit let this happen to you?

Often I hear people ask me "Why did spirit let this happen to me? I don’t deserve this and it is not fair. Are they trying to punish me?

Is this karma from a past life? I must have been very bad in a past life to have to learn these lessons."

Well the truth is, spirit didn’t make this happen to you, they are not trying to punish you and more than likely it is not karma from a past life.

Saying that there has been situations I have picked up from clients during healing connected to a past life but it is not karma making this happen.

It is just life. Nobody really has a perfect life, it is a journey with up and downs, twists and turns and that is life. No person is better than anyone else we have all come here with our own purpose to live our lives the best possible way we can.

Spirit and spirit guides are our friends and they only want the best for us not to punish us.

They are not here to teach you a lesson and sometimes life just happens it is just like that.

That help us and guide us to make our way forward the best possible way.

I have witnessed people yelling at their spirit guides or even God and saying “why did you do this to me”.

Even Jesus on the cross called out and said “father have even you forsaken me”.

When difficult things happen in life it can be caused through our own choices or the choices of others.

I often say there is more evil on earth than there will ever be on the other side. People can hurt us and we can hurt ourselves. It is not God’s fault or the spirit worlds fault they are only here to help you. They may have even warned you but you did not listen. This can very often be the case. They love us so unconditionally, just as we love others in our life and sometimes we feel helpless because of the choices they make. We cannot control this and love them anyway and want the best for them.

So what about things that go wrong with our physical beings either alive or before we are born. Did God make this happen? Or a car accident, is this God’s fault?

Is this a lesson in this?

I will discuss this in my next blog.

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