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Spiritual Decisions Blog

Why do awful things happen sometimes?

Natural disasters, a young person fatally dies or a baby is born with disabilities etc.

To be honest none of us really have the answer to this and we can sometimes blame God or our creator for allowing this to happen.

With many of us we can bring on our own unhappiness through the choices and decisions we make.

Maybe we knew not to do something or go somewhere and we didn’t take notice of the warning and we end up with the consequences we didn’t want. When we have these feelings or instincts we are often being spiritually guided and have to responsibility for our own decisions.

With ill health, maybe some of this could have been corrected with a healthier life style. We avoided a check up or we been advised and choose to ignore it. Or for no reason things just start to go wrong with our health. Like a car at times our bodies can just break down for no rhyme or reason.

I believe the same if child is born with challenges it is often terribly sad for the family and the child. It is something that unfortunately can happen as like a car our bodies are not perfect.

You are not been punished or carrying some terrible karma that needs playing out. It is the unfortunate thing of life and imperfection.

Nature plays up from time to time because that is nature and the way it is. Spiritually we are always being loved and guided from above, warned and protected as much as possible.

We have free will at all times. For instance you may go to the dentist who warns you that you need to take better care of your dental hygiene because if you don’t there could be consequences. You don’t listen and end up with gum disease or false teeth. Is God to blame?

You are loved, guided, headed and protected as much as possible.

The more you open yourself up to spiritual healing and guidance the better your life will be.

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