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Does the spirit world want to communicate with you?

In life here on earth we love to communicate with each other about day to day experiences, sad times, good times, fun times.

Not only that we may wish to share our feelings of regret, forgiveness and our love with one another. We may just wish to off load from time to time.

We are usually here for each other and support one another by listening, giving  advice, sharing our wisdom or offering practical support as much as possible.

Nothing really changes when we transition over to the other world. We still wish to involve ourselves in others’ lives to a point as well as live our own and develop in our own way.

The discarnate being wishes to communicate with us on a regular basis, just for a chat, to share their wisdom, feelings of regret, forgiveness, support and very often love. There has been reports where the spirit world have intervened in a practical way to help people here on earth.

They are here with us and around us at any given opportunity but often we are just too busy to notice or give them the time. They often take any chance they can get to communicate with a loved one here on earth. We can get so busy and distracted with our physical lives, we don’t always have the time to spend with our loved ones still living. It can be the same situation with our connection with the spirit world.  We can miss communication from our loved ones in spirit because we are so busy in our everyday lives we just don’t notice it, or we brush it off as nothing or tell ourselves it is just our imagination playing tricks on us.

For instance your mum has passed to the spirit world and you know she loved butterflies and there has been a significant amount of them around you, but you have been too busy to notice or pushed it aside as a silly thought that this could possibly be a sign from mum. The butterfly or butterflies are not your deceased mother but they can be a sign that she is around.

You may be thinking of a loved one who has passed and straight away hear a song on the radio that feels like it is them communicating with you but you decide to dismiss it as nothing or your imagination. From my experience when we are shown signs etc. it is not our imagination it is our loved ones trying to communicate with us to say “Hi how are you” “I love you”, “I’m here for you if you need me” “I am looking out for you”.

Yes the spirit world are very generous with their love and time and definitely want to communicate with you.

The question is “are you going to let them”.

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