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All I want for Christmas is you

This time of year can be busy with a lot of pressure in preparing for Christmas, buying gifts, organising all sorts of things, attending functions and tying up both personal and work situations before the end of the year. Most of us look forward to some time off and a much needed break.

Some love the whole Christmas experience: putting up the tree, wrapping up gifts, socialising with others, listening and signing Christmas carols.

It’s all a lot of fun and can be very joyous. Saying that there are some who don’t look forward to Christmas at all.

They have lost a loved one and Christmas is not the same without them. Others may be heart broken or alone with nobody to share Christmas with or go away on holiday with that special someone.

Christmas and holiday time can leave some people feeling empty.

There are many support groups and Vidal’s you can attend at this time of year to celebrate the lives of those you miss. Do your best and do what is best for you.

For those that are lonely don’t be afraid to reach out to others to be included over Christmas, spoil yourself and do what is best for you.

Life can change in a minute and you never know when you may just meet that special someone you have been longing for in your life to mend your broken heart and give you a zest for living. Be open to this and welcome it in.

On Christmas Day it is very likely that your loved one is right there with you sharing in the festive events as they want to support you through and troubles and enjoy the fun times too. They love seeing you happy and enjoying yourself almost like they are living vicariously through you.

Believe me they are there and around you and see what you get for Christmas, in fact they may even influence a gift or two that is given to you which could have some special meaning.

Enjoy you Christmas wherever you are and know you are never truly alone.

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