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Spiritual Decisions Blog

Are you spiritually guided?

Often people tell me they feel someone is looking after them and they are being guided from above.

This time of year tends to be very busy organising Christmas and holidays. Not only that we often start thinking about next year and planning ahead.

What are we going to do with our lives in regards to work and finances? Do we want to plan getaways or holiday?

Maybe you want to change your personal circumstances and what to do something completely different?

For no particular reason you may feel inspired in your life and you are not sure where this is coming from. It feels like a desire, gut feeling or knowing. It can sometimes be hard to explain.

When this happens I would say you are being spiritually guided and inspired.

There is something you cannot explain about it, you feel uplifted and excited about it. Along with this doors seem to open for you and opportunity comes your way. It seems to unfold and everything falls into place. You don’t feel like you are swimming against the tide. In fact you are sailing along quite nicely.

If we open ourselves up to being spiritually inspired and guided, life can unfold quite nicely. Even in adverse times we can be spiritually guided through it.

Remember we always have free will and spiritual guidance needs to feel right for you. It is generally helpful and positive and maybe be open to it and see where it takes you.

Blessings and Merry Christmas and my next blog will be around the New Year


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