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New Year and what it means

Most of us look forward to the new year and what it brings. New beginnings, resolutions and hope.

It has this freshness about it as we step into it wanting let go the past that has not served us and bring our new way of life forward into the future.

Without endings we cannot have new beginnings and I have often quoted this.

It’s important to find closure in our life in regards to many aspects whether it is relationships, people, work, health changes or even things like our material possessions. Life is for ever changing and sometimes it can be hard to accept this, let go and welcome the new.

When we lose a loved one to the spiritual world it is one of the hardest losses to ever truly accept. Once again it is an ending and a new beginning for both the soul and for you. A new way of life for you without them and a new way of life for those in the spirit world.

The one thing that can always continue is our love and memories as well as our faith for the future. Things may change but love, memory and faith remains.

It is great to have new beginnings and often there is no turning back so acceptance is important. At the same time memories and love always remain and as equally important.

Our loved ones who pass have shared memories with you or about you and they want you to be their voice. E.g when you say “my father always said”, you are being their voice.

When a spirit communicates in various ways whether it be through a medium, signs, music or other forms they love to hear your acknowledgement and they hear you either speak or think about it. You are their voice.

So yes enjoy the new beginning of this year and energy that goes with it and keep the cherished memories of the past as they remain part of you.



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