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Do You Have a Choice?

Is everything set in stone or do you have a choice?

I have mentioned in previous posts about destiny as opposed to free will.

Most of our life is about choices. We make them every day in many ways.

We can change the scenario of situations by the choices and decisions we make.

As a psychic, especially calling my business “Spiritual Decisions” people turn to me for spiritual, advice and guidance.

The interesting thing is that there is often more than 1 scenario that could play out depending on the various choices a person could make and only they have control of this by their own decisions which creates their own outcome.

It’s very interesting to observe this as psychic about which path you decide to take. There are options and we can guide you to what is best for you. It’s a bit like the movie sliding doors.

It’s your choice and this gives you the power within who you to decide for yourself.

It is not up to a psychic tell you your destiny. We are the ones who are there to offer assistance and guidance but ultimately you need to trust yourself and do what is right for you.

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