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Can you see spirits?

This is a question I hear often.

During a reading I’m am often relating information to the sitter about their loved one in spirit. About themselves and their lives here on earth. Also they converse with you about what the sitter is up to. Like travel, shopping, going to the doctor or an important event. It is almost like they are sitting there chatting away.

At this point often the sitter turns to me and says “can you see them”?

They say this because it’s almost like they are sitting there in the room speaking with us. The answer is though “no I can’t see them”.

I may get images, visions or flashes of someone or something. They can show me various aspects of themselves or situations but I can’t physically see them just sitting there.

I work with my senses and often I feel them and hear them speaking to me.

So if I can’t see them does it mean they really are there? It’s almost you need to see to believe.

Well yes they definitely are there even though you or I can’t physically see them. Your loved on is now in spirit form without a physical body and they are now an energy a spiritual energy.

The easiest way to connect with you or myself is through our own energy, our aura and they impress upon us information though our senses. i.e. what we see, feel and hear.

Sometimes I have seen and other people have witnessed what appears to be physical forms of spirit but this is not a usual experience.

Predominantly we connect with spirit through our senses.

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