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Can I still speak to them?

Something can quite often register with a client when I’m doing a reading that maybe they can also speak to their loved one in the spirit world.

Firstly I need to identify the spirit communicator with the recipient so the lines of communications are open.

The spirit person can hear, see and feel us just like we can them. It’s a 2 way thing and it’s telepathic.

Some clients are comfortable speaking to their loved ones and others are not sure or even afraid of it.

So how do you speak to your loved ones in spirit? Do you speak out loud to them or do you send them telepathic thoughts from your mind? So mind to mind.

Personally I tend to do the later. It’s much like a prayer in your mind.

However if you are comfortable speaking out loud to them you can do that too.

Do I need to be scared?

No you don’t as there is nothing to be afraid of, it a normal and natural thing to do if you are open to trying.

Your loved one still loves you and only wants the best and would love to hear from you. Give it a try.

See if you feel them communicating with you and this can often be through signs, dreams or maybe you hear them or have a vision.

Spirit is clever and communicate through many ways and I often hear songs and know they are around.

Give it a go, you won’t know unless you try.

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