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There must be something out there?

Recently after doing readings for people and connecting to the spirit world bringing through evidence they could relate to and messages that truly meant something to them I can often hear the statement “there must be something out there, I know there is”.

The reading is emotional and they can feel their loved one wth them and are blown away when given names and information about their loved one or even about themselves here on earth and what they have been up to.

When they say “there must be something out there” I realise they want to believe there is and need more than proof from a medium. It’s comforting for them at the time and it feels very real. But what is it they really need?

The answer is “their own personal experience”. It is like you need to see to believe.

Until you experience the spirit world yourself it can be challenging to believe fully or experience the wonders of it all.

It’s exciting when they start to say these statements as they are wanting to explore, know more about it and find out for themselves.

If you can relate to this you are very likely on the journey to spiritual exploration and unfolding... Exciting for you

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