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Spiritual Decisions Blog

Can spirit help us with every day things?

It is very interesting you know as there a variety of opinions about this sort of thing.

Some mediums would say no they don’t, they let you know you are though evidence and then and a message but that is about it.

Other people think mediums are God and should know everything or spirit should and we have all the answers.

This is not possible and we influence our lives through our own actions and choices, it is called personal responsibility.

Saying that I have had spirit give me guidance or for other people (cryptic yet specific) and it can be quite surprising.

They can’t solve everything but they can guide us about all sorts of things and things in our everyday lives. It is only a suggestion as we need to make life work for ourselves and make our own choices.

Do they have all the answers?

I am going to say no they don’t and it is unreasonable to expect this. Sometimes they can give suggestions and it often makes sense and sometimes they are not able to. On the other hand at time they can surprise with what they come up with. They want to let you know that they are still around you. Just in a different dimension.

So it is about not having unrealistic expectations of the spirit world and a medium or psychic as they always give you the best to their ability and what they know.

Just in life really, none of us have all the answer do we?


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