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So what about the sceptics?

I often get people bringing this subject up with me. Do you come across sceptics Kerry-Marie? Yes well of course I do just like in any industry. In the beginning I used to painfully try and convince others that there was life after death.

I would get myself anxious and worked up trying to convince someone who just didn’t want to believe. They would enjoy watching me squirm as they played with me. I gave all my power away. It was not a nice feeling and it would rock my world.

I listened to a talk given by one of the most amazing mediums at the Arthur Findlay College in the UK. Her Mediumship and evidence is just incredible. She told us “you will never convince a sceptic don’t even try”. She told us it a personal thing for everyone.

Sometimes sceptics have a very personal, individual experience that convinces them. But it’s personal to them. They will only decide and believe if they want to. Something just clicked inside me and it all made so much sense.

I was wasting my time and only hurting myself. Convincing a sceptic is not my responsibility.

It is theirs to find out if they ever want to. So I’m happy when I meet a sceptic now. I don't take the bait of convincing another. There is no point. I simply say “we are all entitled to our own beliefs”.

They often looked disappointed you didn’t try and a bit lost for words. I feel happy I’m free of investing my time and energy into a mine field of scepticism.

Let everyone believe in what they want to.

Put your energy where it is needed and more appreciated.


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