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Spiritual Decisions Blog

It’s all about energy

Often when you are around psychics or mediums you hear them talk about energy a lot.

When I first got into this work I can remember my children making fun of mum and “her energy”. It was so much part of me I hadn’t been aware I used the term so much to the point my kids picked up on it.

When a psychic picks up information about another person they pick up the energy around them using their psychic senses.

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The Magic Wand syndrome

Wouldn’t it  be nice if we all had a magic wand just like you read about in fairy tales?

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Can you tell me if my relationship will work?

Love is what makes the world go round and is a huge part of our lives.

Whether it is in regards to family, friends or romantic relationships. It is also important and what life is all about.

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Living in the world as a sensitive

Over the years I have been referred to as being sensitive and often referred to as “over sensitive”.

I never really understood this and took it as a negative comment especially when I have been repeatedly told “You take everything to heart” or “You need to grow a thicker skin”. Can you relate to this? Have others said this to you?

Well you could well be a sensitive, which can be really positive thing.

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Do you need to be psychic to be a medium?

The answer is "yes you do". In fact most of us are psychic to a degree. Some more than others. We are all different with unique attributes, gifts and talents.

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Are spirits around and should I be scared?

People often can go into a place of fear if you start to talk to them about the spirit world and they can conjure up all sort of images of of ghosts, evil spirits or being haunted.

What can create fear often is a lack of knowledge, understanding or myths. Yes spirit is around us a lot of the time, it is a natural state of being.

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Is there a difference between a psychic and a medium?

There is a lot of confusion around these titles and often people are not sure what they are or if there is a difference.

I heard someone in the hairdressers refer to a medium as someone who sends out computer generated message via the internet and my heart sank. As a working medium I felt that was not at all who we are and a very poor representation of what a medium actually is.

So what is the difference between a psychic and a medium?

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Tips from a psychic

In my previous blogs I have mentioned that most of us are psychic to some degree.

For instance we have a feeling about something, that “gut instinct” or you were just thinking about someone you haven’t see for a while and they either contact you

or you bump into them. You just get “that feeling” of have an inkling that something is just not right but you cannot pinpoint it.

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How our guides work for us

Our guides are around us all the time.

They came with us from the time our souls enter our physical bodies, until we leave our bodies and go back to the other side.

One or two of our guides stay with us most of our lives, guiding us along the way.

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Connecting with your spirit guides

We all have spirit guides around us throughout our lives, guiding us along our path.

It is that feeling that someone is guiding you or watching over you. Some may call spirit guides their angels or their friends.

Children often speak of their imaginary friend or friends and to them it is real.

Adults can think this is just their vivid imaginations where as others believe what they are seeing or sensing is true.

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What has weight got to do with it?

Food is one of pleasures in life and something to enjoy. From the time we are born we seek nourishment and comfort from being fed.

Little children don’t worry about food, they eat what they desire or what their mothers give them and hopefully there is enough food for them to grow healthy and strong.

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Why did I tell my personal story?

To be honest it was not easy for me to open and tell my story to the world however I knew it was important for me to do this.

Mainly because I felt what I would be writing about could really speak to the heart of others, especially woman and my goal was to inspire them.

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So why did I write my book

Many people have asked me this question and I often say “we all have a book inside us” and “we all have a story to tell”. Most of us have interesting lives with turns, twists and have had to learn along the way.

Or we may have a sense that one day we will write our story.

Like you I had a strong sense of this and one day while I was away overseas to do my training in the UK I was approached by my publisher Balabo Press to see if I was interested in writing a book.

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