Happiness is a choice and is present in every day, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it. Kerry-Marie Callander

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Kerry-Marie Callendar

We look forward to assisting you with our services to enhance and empower your life.

Kerry-Marie always does her best to give you the best possible service and information at all times.

To find out further information on pricing, availability or to book your appointment go to:

Please note:

Bookings are subject to change by Kerry-Marie if necessary. She will notify you to reschedule a suitable time.
A cancellation list is not available. We suggest you keep an eye out for earlier bookings due to customers rescheduling their appointments.

I also have gift vouchers available if you would like to purchase for a friend.

The services Kerry-Marie offers are: A variety face to face readings located at Red Beach, as well as phone or Skype readings, spiritual healing & reiki as well as teaching spiritual workshops so you can learn more about your psychic, mediumship or spiritual connection. Along with this she is a New Zealand Registered celebrant who can officiate weddings or be the celebrant at your loved ones funeral.

Kerry-Marie is one of New Zealand’s most gifted and qualified mediums and a new addition to the team on TV's Sensing Murder. Her title is “Specialist Psychic Medium” and she offers connection to the spirit world, loved ones who have passed over and spirit guides. Through her gift she can connect with your loved ones who give evidence of themselves on earth, passing on loving hopeful messages to you, giving you peace, love and comfort. It is likely to ease your mind to know they are safe, happy and only want the best for you.

When Kerry-Marie connects with your loved ones that have passed over she can often pass on valuable information to you. She cannot guarantee that a specific spirit will come through, however is open to requesting or inviting them if it is suitable at the time. Often when invited they do come through if they are able to and will offer you love, peace and encouragement. Sometimes a lot of evidence and information may come through and sometimes only a small amount is offered from the spirit world. Kerry-Marie works as a channel and connection from the other world to you and is the messenger only. This is because your loved ones will give the information and messages they wish to and Kerry-Marie cannot control this. After speaking to a loved one in spirit you are likely to feel more at peace, calmer, relieved and happier within yourself. This is because the magic of spirit has touched your heart and soul.

Through Kerry-Marie’s psychic senses she can also offer some guidance for your life in regards to relationships, work, family and financial situations. She is a strong believer that we influence our own future, therefore this is guidance only.

Kerry-Marie is a Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master and is able to give healing to those who require assistance with their emotional, spiritual, mental and physical well-being.

Her title is “Specialist Medium” and she offers connection to the spirit world, loved ones who have passed over and spirit guides.

Healing appointments can be very uplifting, healing, and sometimes life changing in regards to the journey of your life. Often clients say “I feel lighter, more relaxed and happier within myself” after having a healing with Kerry-Marie. Please keep in mind she is not permitted to diagnose or prescribe and may refer you to a healthcare professional if appropriate.

Please go to book now to find a time that is suitable for you, 50% deposit will be required and the remainder paid at your appointment. EFTPOS is available, along with a variety of crystals and her debut book Breaking Free. We recommend that you record your reading on your own device, however at an extra cost of $15, a USB recording is available. We recommend you read our disclaimer further down the page.


By engaging any service offered by this website or it's owner, and paying for these services, you are thereby stating that you have read this legal disclaimer and that you freely and willingly enter into, acknowledge, and agree to the following:

  • You are 18 years of age or older.
  • This website and its owner will not be held responsible for any decisions that are made by you in relation to any reading, healing, or service that is provided to them.
  • This website and its owner shall not be held liable for any direct, indirect, resulting, disciplinary, punitive, or any other damages that occur from your interpretation and actions following the use of this service.
  • You acknowledge that the use of this website is for referencing purposes and does not constitute, nor is intended to constitute, professional judgement or advice.
  • Complete accuracy cannot be guaranteed by this website or its owner.

Please be aware, that when you have any reading whether it be email, phone, Skype or face to face, I can offer you potential only. I am not a fortune teller, but believe we all have free will to make our own decisions. I will offer you spiritual information and guidance and what you choose to do with the information is up to you.

I am not allowed to prescribe or diagnose any medical conditions or offer advice on surgery or medical procedures . Along with this, any important decisions that need to be made in your life in regards to health, finances, relationships, emotional welfare, children or any other important matters, I will refer you to a professional for advice.

Your reading is private and confidential.

Kerry-Marie has the right to finish the reading due to any unpleasant or aggressive behaviour.

We request you come with an open mind and heart to give you a quality reading.

Kerry-Marie cannot guarantee that a specific spirit or information will be given in the reading.

By engaging in her services you are agreeing to pay for her time, not for the information given or experience you had.


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