It is amazing how you can trick your subconscious into believing you're in control of what you do, just by acting as if you are in control of what you do. Paul Wilson

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Once again THANK YOU for my reading it was wonderful confirmation and I am glad I found you. :)

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WOW! To those reading this wondering if you should making a booking, the answer is absolutely YES!

From my own personal experience with Kerry-Marie, I requested a phone reading back in June, and was amazed at the accuracy/details and insight she gave me. Some of what she was telling me made no sense during the reading, then over the next few months, I found myself ticking off many things she told me. She is truly connected.

I was always interested in getting a healing especially this time of year (winter) when I tend to feel exhausted, tired and a little emotionally blocked. I have never had one before and I had no idea on what to expect, so I went in with an open mind.

Well my fellow readers, I walked out truly amazed, relaxed and still sitting here now just in a state of awe. During the healing & Trance healing, someone had placed what seemed like a hand on my chest, (I initially thought KM had placed a crystal on me) it was not a crystal nor was it not KM as her hands were placed on my shoulders.  It was my spirit guide (exciting). I can still feel it now.

She also gave me another reading, and without getting into detail, I will just say, it was the same messages coming through as from June reading.  She does not remember the previous reading and I shared it with her at the end of our time. WAHOO…

This visit and experience has confirmed to me that I am on the right path, I am being watched over and loved, and that KM is one of the most amazing, generous and sincere lady’s I have had the pleasure in meeting.

Do not hesitate, book now, you are reading this for a reason, and you will honestly not regret it at all!

I feel very blessed. xx


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