Grief is a matter of the heart and soul, grieve your loss and allow it in and spend time with it. Love never dies and spirit knows no loss.Louise Hay

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I know you have probably been told this so many times in the last few days but I believe your performance on Sensing Murder and at Milford New Age Centre were absolutely brilliant, also one of my friends who came specially to see you at Milford told me you have restored her faith in Mediumship. I don’t think it gets much better than that.

You are certainly a shining light…

Zane Smith

President of Milford New Age Centre

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I wanted to express my humble gratitude to you for providing me with the most amazing mediumship experience of my life. You were amazing in providing me with the most accurate details of my loved ones who have crossed over.

I did find out on Sunday morning with a phone from South Africa that my cousin from South Africa is visiting Australia in July.

Yes you were also correct in all aspects of my brothers readings, the bright star that I saw on Thursday night from my dining room, the dreams, the cold shivers whilst praying to him every mornings and not forgetting "Tears from Heaven", before my reading I thought that I was hallucinating or I just made up these happenings up.

You have brought closure to me regarding my mom as I did not bid her farewell during her passing, and I always wanted to know if my mom thought about me and if she was okay on the other side.

Everything in your reading was so accurate that I was speechless and so overwhelmed .

Thank you for this special, precious mediumship reading that you have provided for me.

God Bless

Kind Regards

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