A miracle that is possible for anyone is possible for everyone. Greg Braden

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Many thanks Kerry-Marie.

The reading meant a lot to me and my family. It helped me and my family a lot to be able to say goodbye to a lost one who they couldn't farewell before their passing. It was comforting to us to hear their messages and know they are happy and at peace.


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Thank you for such a wonderful morning. I am listening to the disk again and it's funny that so much is clicking. The man wearing cardigans, walking with a stick, looks like Jack Nicholson and doesn't mince words is my husbands Poppa.

The husband of the lady who liked roses "a heck of a lot". You mentioned Frank. His name is FRED.

The picture with lots of circles is definitely the photo of Oma - my grandmother- which was in my pocket. You pushed on that quite a lot. I'm so glad we cleared that up.

I can't believe SOO many people came through all at once. You are so clever. I was overwhelmed with all the love and support that came through. I wasn't sure how much feedback you wanted at the time and I realise now that I didn't give you much feedback because I was overwhelmed and so impressed with what you said.

Thank you so much.


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