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Testimonials from happy clients


Hi Kerry Marie,

My name is Sophie. I recently had a reading with you. At the time of reading you did mention quite a couple things about my family and even myself that i never know or probably had buried and forgotten about. During the reading, you mentioned that my father’s mother came through. It was later on during the reading when you mentioned of a person named Ching, or perhaps a Chang. Apparently he was my father’s closest brother. At the time of reading, I was adamant that  I knew of no such person in my family. The other thing that really boggled me was the you insisted that I did have a brother in spirit. Again, I did not know that.

I opened up to my dad the day after I saw you, and realised that he had a close real brother (dad was adopted out to his uncle). He went by the name Ash, however, his Chinese given name was in fact Chin. He died in Hawaii three years ago, while strolling on the shore, and got pulled out to sea. His body was never found. As I was never close or bothered to know anything about my dad’s side of the family, or met up with any of them, my dad was really comforted by the fact that his mum and brother came through. Also, I mentioned about having a brother in spirit. Eventually my father told me that my mother had faced losing a baby when he first met her.

I would like to sincerely thank you so much for having me over and giving me a reading. I felt lost and am often unhappy with life and work. I left your place that day feeling so much light hearted and stress free. I am also really thankful that even my dad felt comforted about the fact that his mother was always there for us, as dad had nearly missed out on his mother’s funeral back then, and also hearing that his brother came through during my reading.

Thank you so much Kerry!

Warmest regards, Sophie

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