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Testimonials from happy clients


Thank you so much Kerry Marie for helping me to find my engagement ring. I had dropped it several years ago in my bedroom and it just disappeared !

I thought it might be in the bottom of the wardrobe where my husband tends to pile up clothes meaning I'd need to pull them all out and shake them. With a bad back that would be a mission so I asked if you could tell me where it was and you said "in the bedroom, next to wood.

There are drawers to the left of a cupboard and it's under them."  I went home and pulled out the bottom drawer to the left of one of the wardrobes and there it was sitting in a little pile of dust. Turns out there's an opening under the bottom drawer allowing it to slip through. Neither my husband or mum-in-law could believe it, I even left the dust imprint there long enough to show them.

The next time I visited I asked if you could let me know where I'd "filed"my passport. The instant answer was "In the mess, the cupboard you call a mess, amongst a whole pile of papers. In my heart I knew it was the hall cupboard, went there to investigate and after only a few minutes located it.

Cheers Susanne

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