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Testimonials from happy clients


Hi Kerry-Marie,

Thank you so much for the help and insights through the readings you have given me recently. My hour appointment was especially amazing.

As soon as I sat down you summed up how I was feeling and mentioned names and happenings which only I could have known about.



Hi Kerry-Marie
I just wanted to thank you again for the reading yesterday.

You helped me a lot and I would not want to miss hearing from my friend, grandpa and other relatives in spirit. I will definitely recommend you when I am being asked.

Thank you Regards Henrike


Many thanks Kerry-Marie.

The reading meant a lot to me and my family. It helped me and my family a lot to be able to say goodbye to a lost one who they couldn't farewell before their passing. It was comforting to us to hear their messages and know they are happy and at peace.



Wow wow wow........every time Kerry you get it right.....thank you.....thank you......

You have just confirmed so much. This year you have no idea how much you have helped me with your insight

You have a beautiful gift.  So looking forward to coming and getting another reading from you again soon.

Take care....Kim xxx



WOW! To those reading this wondering if you should making a booking, the answer is absolutely YES!




Kerry, I wanted to thank you for your trust to send your people to me for counselling for a few days now.

I am getting to know your work through the persons you have sent and I wish to honour your responsibility and well balanced guidance for your clients.

Much thanks and love Angelika Chisholm



Hi Kerry

I just to say how amazing the reading I had the other day was! 


Anna from Auckland


Hi Kerry-Marie

I just wanted to say a big and heart-warming thank you for yesterday’s reading.


Sally and Grant

Hi Kerry,just to let you know how much we appreciated you contacting our Ken and giving us the opportunity to communicate with him.

Have told Susan of our experience and this has given us all much comfort. Kerry you are amazing and we would very much like to communicate with Ken again at some future date.



Hi Kerry-Marie

As I told you the main reason for my reading was trying to find my cat that had gone missing.

You told me that you felt he was being looked after and gave me a description of how it may be. The weeks went by without any news until last week Thursday. I got a phone call 6 weeks later!


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