Happiness is a choice and is present in every day, all you need to do is to reach out and grab it. Kerry-Marie Callander

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30 May 2018


I have listened to the recording when I got home.

Names: Chris is the property manager of a rental property of ours. Mum said Gwen is a new girlfriend of her widowed brother & she is needing to take some pills that I didn't know about. So there you go!

You were awesome, thank you very much for my reading, you were so accurate with the things you said. I felt very comfortable with you. It was great having my dad so close with regard to his communication to me.

I get now I'm on the right path, I just have to carry on, not worry (much- about you know who!) get a dog and enjoy life. I felt like it clicked. Thanks for that.

All the best for your current and future endeavours. I'll look on with interest and good wishes.
Kind regards,


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