Grief is a matter of the heart and soul, grieve your loss and allow it in and spend time with it. Love never dies and spirit knows no loss.Louise Hay

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Hi Kerry Marie,

My name is Sophie. I recently had a reading with you. At the time of reading you did mention quite a couple things about my family and even myself that i never know or probably had buried and forgotten about. During the reading, you mentioned that my father’s mother came through. It was later on during the reading when you mentioned of a person named Ching, or perhaps a Chang. Apparently he was my father’s closest brother. At the time of reading, I was adamant that  I knew of no such person in my family. The other thing that really boggled me was the you insisted that I did have a brother in spirit. Again, I did not know that.


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Marie Hansen

Some years ago I made the decision to go into reading professionally full-time. At that point I also set the intention that I would continue to work at honing my craft and updating my skills, and seek out the best Teachers I could find. Very shortly after deciding on this I met Kerry-Marie Callander and began attending her Mediumship and Healing Workshops.

I was immediately taken by her warm and open personality, and have always been thoroughly impressed by her drive to set a high standard within the industry.

Every training experience with Kerry-Marie has led to healing on a personal level, and an advance in my own abilities and professional standards.

Kerry-Marie is a wonderful teacher and regardless of whether you are an absolute beginner, or are already working in the industry, has an amazing way of bringing forward more from within you. She makes Mediumship accessible and her style has an almost magical way of helping you find the courage to step up and extend yourself. Her passion and zest for the work she does is obvious and infectious.

On a Workshop Kerry-Marie will deliver the theory and mechanics of Mediumship/Healing in a way that is straight-forward and easy to understand, but the miracles really start to happen when she leads you through the hands-on practical work. If you think you can't be a Medium or a Healer then I say "sign on for one of Kerry-Marie's Workshops and be prepared to be amazed."

Marie Hansen, Intuitive Arts

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