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Hi Kerry-Marie,

Thank you so much for the help and insights through the readings you have given me recently. My hour appointment was especially amazing.

As soon as I sat down you summed up how I was feeling and mentioned names and happenings which only I could have known about.


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About me

Hi, my name is Kerry-Marie Callander from Auckland New Zealand.

I am an international medium and have been working as a professional clairvoyant, medium and psychic for over 20 years in Auckland.

I am an award certificate holder and member of the Spiritualist National Union.

I hold three awards:

  • CSNU for private readings
  • platform demonstration of mediumship
  • speaking and sharing philosophy

I am an accredited speaker and demonstrator of mediumship under the Spiritualist National Union and I continue with ongoing education through visiting the Arthur Findlay College in the UK regularly. Along with this I am a spiritual healer and Reiki Master.

In addition to my spiritual work I am also a registered independent and/or civil union celebrant and have my certificate in celebrant studies and a published author.

My aim is empower and help others through my spiritual work whether it is through a personal reading, healing, demonstration of clairvoyance, mediumship or tuition.



The courses I have attended are:

  • 2009: Training for Medium ship: Tutor - Brenda Lawrence - Minister and Teacher SNU (Spiritualist National Union) International Medium
  • 2010: Raising the Standards for Medium ship: Tutor - Libby Clarke ONSU - International Medium and Spiritual Healer
  • 2011: Mysticism, Prophecy and Medium ship: Course Organiser and Tutor - Eileen Davies LSSNU - International Medium and Spiritual Healer 
  • 2012: Public Demonstration: Course Organiser and Tutor - Val Williams CNSU, DSNU
  • 2012: Enhance your Mediumship: Course Organiser and Tutor - Eileen Davies LSSNU, International Medium and Spiritual Healer
  • 2013: Embracing the Spirit Course Organiser: Tony Stockwell CNSU Helen DaVita DNSU
  • 2013: Trance Mediumship Course Organiser and tutor: Minister Steve Upton
  • 2014 Achieved Platform Accreditation Scheme for Speaking and Demonstration of Mediumship though the Spiritualist National Union: Tutor - Minister Martin Colcough
  • 2015: Arthur Findlay Centre Safford CSNU with Pauline Silver
  • 2015: Arthur Findlay Centre: Go Beyond with Sandy Baker

Ongoing education and development is very important to me so I keep learning, growing and evolving, so I can be of service to others.

Portrait KM With the knowledge I learn I also like to pass this onto others by taking regular workshops throughout the year.

I am also a qualified Reiki Practitioner and recently became a certified Angel Therapist through training with USA Medium and Angel expert Doreen Virtue.

Mediums are born and not made and I believe we are all blessed with special and unique gifts to enhance our lives and the lives of others. I believe I have been blessed with the gift of mediumship so I can help others through the journey of their lives.

A strong belief I hold is that life is a journey, not a destination and it has a lot to do with the choices we make and lessons we have throughout our lives, enabling us to learn along the way. I am here to assist you along the journey of your life whether it is giving you a reading, healing, direction or teaching you to develop yourself spiritually. A reading, healing or reiki can assist with insomnia, stress, depression and anxiety. My job as a medium is to give evidential information about the after life and the continuation of life after physical death.

When I give my readings, I will do my utmost to help people along the journey of their life so they feel more enriched from the experience. Hopefully their life path, purpose, decisions and potential will be clearer for them.

No one on earth can offer miracles; I do however always deal with things with my heart, my higher knowing, spiritual guidance and the truth. So if you want a reading with me, I can help to enhance your life and empower you for the future, so you can move ahead with confidence and peace.

God Bless you all.

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