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Learning Video Series

Have you often had thoughts of wanting to develop your own psychic,spiritual gifts or maybe even see if you have any ability to develop further as either a psychic or medium? Or maybe you are interested in the psychic, spiritual world and would like to develop as a matter of interest just for yourself or to see if you can do this for your family and friends?

You will be able to learn about the psychic and spiritual world in your own time and in the comfort in your own home or premise by simply purchasing these videos either 1 individual one or the whole series.

Background on Kerry-Marie (free) | Video series overview (free) | Part 1 - Chakras | Part 2 - Auras | Part 3 - Psychic Abilities | Part 4 - Psychic vs Mediumship

(Note prices displayed are in USD)

There are 2 FREE videos for you to view before you decide to go further. The introduction video gives you a background on Kerry-Marie and what she is going to teach you through her new video series. The 2nd video “the teaser” gives you a summary of the training videos and what you can expect to learn from each of them and why they will be relevant to you.

You will be able to purchase each video for $29.95 or if you would like to buy the whole package of 6 the cost is $150.00.  We will be putting up each individual video for you to purchase as they are put together so they will not be ready all at once initially however we will let you know when all 6 videos are available.

In the meantime have a look at the 2 FREE videos, or skip to the first in the series.

Introduction - background on Kerry-Marie (free)

Kerry-Marie is an accredited medium through the United Kingdom with over 20 years experience as a psychic medium and through these videos you will be able to learn about chakras, auras, psychic senses, the difference between psychic and mediumship, how to work psychically and lastly how to work yourself with mediumship. Each video will contain specific exercises for you to practice with and learn.

Video Series Overview (free)

A summary of the training videos, what you can expect to learn from each of them and why they will be relevant to you.

Learning Video Series Part 1 - Chakras

(Note price displayed is USD)

There are 2 parts in this video.  The first half will be explaining the 7 main chakras and how they support you so you will be more aware of them and how they work.

In the 2nd half it takes you through an exercise of opening and closing your chakras which will assist in healing and balancing your chakras.  Also how you can open you chakras to open up to the spirit world and close them down again once you have finished.

The 2nd half of the video it is recommended that you sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes and go through the meditation process. You will be able to use this if you wish as a regular mediation.

Spiritual Decisions Series Part 1 - CHAKRAS from Kerry-Marie Callander on Vimeo.

Learning Video Series Part 2 - Auras

(Note price displayed is USD)

This next video is particularly exciting for you as you will learn how to see auras yourself on all living things.

The principals are quite simple and you will discover auras and how you feel them, read then, tune in and see auaras for yourself.

You will learn how to pick up information in auras which is very exciting.

Learning Video Series Part 3 - Unleash Your Psychic Abilities

(Note price displayed is USD)

In this video you will learn to understand how to work with you psychic senses and how this will enable you to connect both psychically and mediumistically.

You will require a piece of fruit, a knife and something to cut the fruit on for the exercise in this video.

Learning Video Series Part 4 - The Difference between Psychic and Mediumship

(Note price displayed is USD)

This 4th video is an important one to view as it both explains the difference between working psychically and mediumistically so you can understand the difference between the 2 and the mechanics of how it all works


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